Law Awareness Weeks @ CDC 2021 Webinar – “Being a Family Two-gather but not Together”

As part of the Law Awareness Weeks @CDC 2021, the Law Society Pro Bono Services hosted a legal awareness webinar on “Being a Family Two-gather but not Together”.

This webinar explored practical and legal issues that may arise from different family structures: cohabiting couples; divorcees forming a new family together; and for individuals who are considering adopting a child.

Our Managing Director, Ms June Lim explained how various laws (property law, estate planning, marital rights, parental duties etc.) interact with the different permutations of “family”. Experienced social worker Lai Mun Loon also shared his perspectives on the emotional and psychological impact on children that may result from living in these different permutations of “family” and how best to navigate these difficulties.

We would encourage anyone who is considering a family unit outside of the usual legal institution of marriage to watch this webinar for more insight!

You can watch the recorded webinar here: