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The firm is pleased to announce a tie-up with UK-based charity GlobalARRK representing the interests of “stuck parents” who are unable to legally return to their home countries with their children after their marriages break down overseas or while they are embroiled in an international custody dispute.

While we recognize the trauma of child abduction on children and the left-behind parent, “stuck parents” (usually the primary caregiver mother) and their children have an equally traumatic experience of being trapped in countries that are not their home while dealing with unemployment, financial inability to access the legal system to legally return home, language difficulties etc. As cross-cultural and international relationships/marriages increase year-on-year worldwide, the law has to evolve to robustly protect the interests of the “stuck parent” and their children when these relationships break down.

June is familiar with the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, relocation of children in cross-border marriages – having worked on the first Hague Convention case in Singapore BDU v. BDT and several other matters since then. She has conducted public talks on these issues with AWARE, the Embassy of the Philippines in Singapore and the Singapore Committee for UN Women. With permission from her client Anna, June has written about Anna’s “stuck parent” experience in Singapore here.

We look forward to working closely with GlobalARRK to raise awareness of the “stuck parent” experience – so please watch this space!

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