Legal Aid Policy

We do not believe in taking advantage of our clients’ ignorance of legal systems in Singapore, or of our clients during their time of need in any way.

So we consider it our duty to inform you about the Legal Aid Bureau and the public legal aid scheme in Singapore. As long as you satisfy the means and merits tests administered by the LAB, the LAB’s public legal aid scheme is comprehensive and affords protection to indigent persons from adverse legal costs in litigation.

Our firm’s Legal Aid policy is therefore not to render legal advice, represent or profit from clients who would qualify for public legal aid with the LAB, unless they require urgent legal advice and representation or for some other good reason.

We will reject enquiries from clients who have not applied to the LAB for public legal aid and who are likely to qualify for such public legal aid. We will actively direct such clients to the LAB.

We will only accept enquiries from such clients if the LAB has already rejected their application, or if they present other reasons for engaging a private law firm to represent them.